Change Your life The Feng Shui Way Pinky Kapoor & Prashant Kapoor




Centred on the concept of energy, the cosmic source of every life form, the science of Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) originated in ancient China, the country of auspicious dragons, that continue to breathe their mystical and magical energy in to the modern world.
Just as every flower has its own distinct fragrance, so does the science of Feng Shui when compared to the other occult sciences. This science possesses the powers capable of moulding our lives in such an astonishing way, that success, opportunities and unfulfilled desires become a reality, rather than a dream.
The attempt here is to introduce the reader to a simplified and practical form of Feng Shui which when interpreted can lead you to extracting the essence of this science, enabling you to live in harmony with your environment. The principles of Feng Shui, when practised, begin to positively affect all the major aspects of your life, whether it concerns health, wealth, marriage, relationships, career, children or prosperity. When you apply these principles to your home, it is vital that it is done on a particular day and time, calculated as favourable to you. This science encourages you to perceive your house as more than just a place to live. It creates a sense of awareness of the energy present here and how it can be utilised to allow your relationship to blossom, career to progress and health to improve.
Feng Shui revolves around the notion of ‘energy’—the invisible life force referred to as Prana in India and Chi in China—which not only flows within the body but also forms an integral part of the surrounding environment. If the flow of this energy is not smooth within the body, it begins to affect our circulation resulting in physical ailments. Similarly, when the circulation of energy in the environment is not smooth, the occupants begin to face problems affecting different aspects of their lives. Just as you would call upon a doctor to relieve you of your ailments, you could refer to this book so that the remedies it prescribes can help you restore the flow of energy in your environment.