If you are about to enter the workforce, or are seeking a change in career, then use astrology to guide you in making your decision. Not everyone can be a surgeon, an artist or a lawyer. The profession which you are most suited to can be determined by looking into the placement of signs and planets in your horoscope. Let us take the following example of someone who has the Scorpio sign tenanting their 12th house (which is naturally governed by Pisces). This person would be best suited to either become a detective or to do investigative work, such as the FBI or the Police. This is because the 12th house is concerned with mystery and if you have Scorpio in this sign (a sign which is deep and investigative) you would do well to unravel mysteries.

Select a Career

To find out what profession you are suited to select this product.

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Job Application

Once you have successfully identified the area you wish to work in, kick-start the process by making a job application on an auspicious date. This will ensure you get an interview followed by an offer. For an auspicious date select this product.

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You can only get a promotion where your chart is highlighting the possibility of this happening! Check what the current planetary transit has in store for you, by selecting this product.

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Love & Romance

For those of you with the experience of having used Astrology before, you will be aware that it doesn’t just concern checking the placement of Venus in the female chart and Mars in the male chart. Why do you keep fighting with your partner? Why do you share a love-hate relationship? Why have you left him or her but still always go back? Why can’t you find the right person? Why can’t I get my ex back? Where is my soul mate? I’m sure all of you, must have at some stage in your life asked one of the questions above. With my knowledge and years of experience I can explain and give you answers to any of the questions above and many more…

Lover Compatibility check

To find out if you are compatible with your loved one, select this product.

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When to look for love

If you want to know the right time to begin searching for your soul mate, select this product

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Detailed reading of your relationship

For a detailed insight into the planetary placements of you and your loved one, to help you understand each other, select this product.

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Did you know that your business has an astrological chart that is independent of your chart? If you are a business then you can use the astrological chart of your enterprise in conjunction with your personal horoscope to increase profit and save your business from bankruptcy/insolvencies in these times of recession or maximizes profits.

Business Contracts

Many businessmen often complain about their contracts failing. This happens because these contracts have been signed when the planetary placements are negative. To enter business contracts or hold meetings at auspicious times to reap maximum profitability, select this product.

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Formation of Business

The moment you start your business is an important one, as that date will become the date of birth of your business, which will cause it to have a destiny of its own. I can work out auspicious days and times for you to start your business so that it enjoys a long and profitable destiny.

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The Bank Account

One cannot overlook the business account, as it is the lifeline of your business. Many of my clients have benefited by opening their business accounts on a particular day that is favorable with their enterprise and have found their business in abundant profitability.

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The Company Business Name

Using Numerology in conjunction with Astrology, I can help you select a name that adds up to a magical number bringing your business immense luck.

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Health and Education


If you are facing Saturn’s wrath where your health is concerned, then use my help to diagnose the exact cause of your ailment and your chances of recovery. Where you are faced with operations and medical treatments then these must be undergone at days and times favorable to you, to ensure successful and speedy recovery. The magic of using gem therapy may also be considered to aid with health problems, and to ensure future protection.

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If your child is under-achieving at school, finding it difficult to concentrate on his/her studies, or simply needs direction as to the choices of subjects for higher education, use my help to resolve these difficulties. The magic of using gem therapy may also be considered to aid with education problems, and to ensure success.

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