• Legal Court Case Problems

    If you have done a moral wrong, I'm afraid you will have to suffer the consequences; that is the law of karma...

    Sorry, I cannot help you here. However, if you are facing legal problems because you have landed yourself in a situation where you have not committed a wrong, then I can help you.

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  • Love

    Is it really about MARS attracting Venus? For those of you with the experience of having used Astrology before...

    you will be aware that it doesn’t just concern checking the placement of Venus..

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  • Money & Finance

    If you play, card games or table games (Roulette or Craps) or the lottery , bingo, scratch cards or any game...

    involving the element of chance, then – I can help you win! I can give you: your lucky minute/ hour to gamble on; and your lucky numbers to play!

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