What is Mercury Retrograde?

Astrologers use the term ‘retrograde’ when a planet is considered to be moving backwards. In reality, no planet actually moves backwards. What happens is that during a retrograde period, when viewed from earth, the retrograding planet gives the impression that it is moving backwards. And it is this appearance of reversed movement that creates a negative effect on our lives. Of all the retrograding planets the effects of Mercury Retrograde are felt the strongest because Mercury is a fast moving planet.

So what happens in a Mercury Retrograde?

Since Mercury rules over communication, when it retrogrades, it brings confusion, frustration, delays, changes and creates havoc with ones emotions.
In the Mercury Retrograde period you will commonly find that people you had broken up with or forgotten show up again, any money that you were owed gets paid, and borrowed things get returned!

Mercury Retrograde

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